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Neurisium aims to bring clarity and free up valuable Management time. Industry wide Business know how and superior IT skills (Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud Computing) are complementing each other and providing best Value for our Customers.

To Help With The Big Decisions

There is nothing impossible when it comes to data analytics and data integrations. Our passion is to support in decision making and we value both Time and Money. Our foundation is strong belief into single point of truth.

The Importance of The Right Question

Neurisium Top Down Approach enables to identify gaps before going into IT development. Intelligent needs capturing and problem statement definition ensures best quality for least amount of money and time spent.

The Right Tools For The Job

All Decisions Are Easier, If They Are Supported By Good Tools


Intelligent S&OP
Cognitive Sales and Operations Planning brings value to sales, operations and supply chain. With AI accurate sales and demand plans are calculated and presented visually at any level of granularity.

Smart Forecasting
Including Future capacity planning and Dynamic Resilience Model. Excellent way to bring future decisions ahead in time. AI driven recommendation engine gives best scenarios for future demand and capacity needs. Machine Learning Algorithms are used to develop dynamic resilience model which withstands various risk and fluctuation scenarios. 

Predictive Revenue Analytics
Answering the question what revenue will be at next month, next year or after 5 years. Machine Learning Algorithms are used to predict revenue and learn from various and even incremental changes within revenue Dynamics.


Dynamic Cost Analyses  
Actual cost for every item manufactured. Based on real throughput time, dynamic overhead allocation, actual capacity utilisation rate and real-time energy costs. Increase transparency and maximise profitability. 

Cognitive Production Performance or CPP Every process step is mapped and modelled into critical path. Machine Learning algorithms calculate various impact scenarios such as breakdowns and demand changes. Several performance indicators are used to monitor real-time performance and notify about changes. Take production performance into the next level.  

Profitability Prediction
Profitability maximisation uses Machine Learning to predict profitability growth or fall at product, company, branch level.Actionable insights reveal focus areas where to zoom-in. Real time recommendation engine gives suggestions for improving profitability.


Industry Insights  
Industry specific insights to give competitive edge among competitors. Be among the first ones to know about critical market changes.

Next Level Industry KPIs
Performance Indicators what talk natural language. Various combinations reveal completely new insights aiming to increase your company efficiency and profitability.

Business Analytics 360° View
In and Out Real Time visibility giving a look into every business layer. Results are presented visually and at any level of granularity. AI-driven recommendations automatically find opportunities for improving.


Management Consultancy
Industry specific know-how is combined with exceptional IT skills offering best possible value for Top Management. 

DSS (Decision Support System)
Management Tool bringing static numbers into actionable insights. 

Data Visualisation
Moving from excel based static numbers or bar charts to visually appealing solutions supporting decision making and enabling to drill down into data source. 

Data Crawling, Processing and Analytics 

Business 360°View
Transparent and complete Business overview at any level of granularity. 

Data Integrations
Combined datasources enabling single view and single point of truth.

The Digital Transformation

Bring Production Into The New Era

Digitalisation is Key for Leveraging Data in Decision-Making

Automation of specific manufacturing processes has brought along a leap in production efficiency worldwide under the term Industry 3.0.
The focus of Industry 4.0 is to automate decision making by using precise data from the entire production process.

Harness All Data In Your Enterprise

Every step of the production process and every decision taken by the management can and should be measured.
Quite often this data is in analogue form, on paper or in the heads of management, or is only kept within the bounds of a specific manufacturing process. By digitalising the analogue and measuring information from every process step of manufacturing, an overall picture of the enterprise appears.
The actual situation awareness is the key that enables fully digitalised enterprises to achieve superior efficiency to their peers.

Our Approach

An iterative 3-step process


1-2 Months

Proof of Concept - Fastest to Goal

To prove the project can be executed a smaller scope quick win will be agreed on. This will enable users to get fast results before committing fully to a large scale project.


2-8 Months

Fully functional software

Main functionality of the software will be developed and made available to the client for testing.


4-12 Months

Increased scope and ML independence

Development of additional functionality, process automatisation and modifications to the machine learning (ML) algorithms will be added. At the end of this phase the software will be fully functional.

The Team

Our production team are passionate
Tarmo Saidla
Supply Chain Advisor
Tarmo Saidla
Supply Chain Advisor
Tarmo Saidla
Supply Chain Advisor
Marius Arras
Co-Founder and Operations Advisory
Marius Arras
Co-Founder and Operations Advisory
Marius Arras
Co-Founder and Operations Advisory

We are developers, technologists, operators and engineers who have worked on over 100 projects.

Deep experience in Big Data, Automation and production.

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