Bridging Industry, Technology & the Future

The way industries work is outdated

Most companies manage complex processes using lengthy and imprecise reporting tools, which are hard to learn and even more difficult to automate.

There is a major dissonance between consumer and industrial software

In the last 10 years, consumer software has revolutionised itself and the way humans interact with technology. We all want things to just work and look beautiful. NEURISIUM brings simplicity and intuitive design into industries world-wide.

Modern technology can achieve almost everything, we just need to ask the right questions

Once companies know what they want to achieve, then modern tools such as data visualisation, machine learning and artificial intelligence can help them reach their goals.

IT is dead. Long live IT.

We believe that software should no longer be in the hands of the IT department. Every manager should be able to easily access vital data using simple, autonomous and user-friendly tools without consulting their IT department.

Our Product Ecosystem

Decisions are easy when they are data-based


Automate production line controlling, use Machine Learning to control and improve process variables.


Supply Chain

Reduce fire-fighting and focus on important issues. Predict solutions before there is a problem with real-time decision making tools.


Quality Analysis

Detect quality defects before they become a cascading problem. Predict quality changes and prevent scrap by adjusting production in real-time.



Real-time KPI dashboards simplifying complex project delivery. No more waiting on reports or analysis, get full transparency and speed up your decision-making.


Our Experience

A global reach
2 ongoing projects in the Energy and Renewables sector, aiming at reducing emissions and increasing the efficiency of electric engines

Our Expertise

Decisions are easy when they are data-based

Beyond the small things

The world only notices the loudest. We try to be different. All of our teams have special projects where we team up with capable people and try to improve things in the world, by solving problems that do not get addressed by profit-driven industries. Get in touch and lets see if we can use technology to help everybody.

Our Passion

Neurisium solves industry-wide challenges by reducing human labour in production processes and by automating factories using big data and machine learning.

Get in touch with us if you would like to discuss how AI can be utilised in your industry