We build AI-driven production management platforms

Increase profit margins with AI and save resources with revolutionary collaboration.

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...with over 30 projects in 8 countries worldwide

Our principles:

  • Collaboration across verticals
  • Management-to-floor digital coordination
  • Complex process automation
  • Cut scrap / waste with AI suggestions
  • Compatible with legacy systems
  • No vendor lock
  • Gated, OKR based delivery
  • Business value focus
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Big data key process monitoring

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AI powered scrap rate reduction

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Real-time value chain reporting

Leverage your data with AI to reduce scrap rate

Easily collaborate across your value chain

"Working with Neurisium on our product, we’ve been amazed by the speed of their product development and grasp of industry know-how, not to mention the estimated efficiency and resource savings their solutions will bring."

Ralf Jostan

Process Development
Mercedes Benz AG

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Redefining Process Management

With the funding and support of Enterprise Estonia and the European Union European Regional Development Fund, NEURISIUM is developing a new platform to help companies manage their product development process across long production chains.

We will be introducing the product in the second half of 2021, so stay tuned for more.

More regulatory information (in Estonian)

Our Product Ecosystem

Decisions are easy when they are data-based


Automate production line controlling, use Machine Learning to control and improve process variables.


Supply Chain

Reduce fire-fighting and focus on important issues. Predict solutions before there is a problem with real-time decision making tools.


Quality Analysis

Detect quality defects before they become a cascading problem. Predict quality changes and prevent scrap by adjusting production in real-time.



Real-time KPI dashboards simplifying complex project delivery. No more waiting on reports or analysis, get full transparency and speed up your decision-making.


Our Experience

A global reach
Worldmap of active Neurisium projects


2 ongoing projects in the Energy and Renewables sector, aiming at reducing emissions and increasing the efficiency of electric engines

Our Expertise

Decisions are easy when they are data-based

Beyond the small things

The world only notices the loudest. We try to be different. All of our teams have special projects where we team up with capable people and try to improve things in the world, by solving problems that do not get addressed by profit-driven industries. Get in touch and lets see if we can use technology to help everybody.

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Our Passion

Neurisium solves industry-wide challenges by reducing human labour in production processes and by automating factories using big data and machine learning.

Get in touch with us if you would like to discuss how AI can be utilised in your industry