Our Team

Tarmo Saidla

Supply Chain Advisor

He is responsible for Supply Chain Business Strategy and helps Customers to implement Industry 4.0 standards across the whole Value Chain. He uses both Supply Chain Expertise and Data Analytics skills to provide real value for Customers.

Hedi Hunt

Senior Product Manager for Production Automation

She helps Customers automate their Production Processes to gain competitive advantage, using her cross industry knowledge of implementing software projects for companies across production, retail and financial industries.

Joonas Nurk

Head of IT Governance and Integrations

He is responsible for directing Customers toward the Digital Future. He uses his experience in Business Intelligence and large scale digital projects to improve the business processes of our Clients.

Martin Laid

Chief Engineer

He is responsible for evaluating factory setups, developing Smart Factory solutions and helping to bridge the knowledge gap between manufacturers and Machine Learning solution creation. He has a keen interest in Machine Learning and a varied background of mechanical and civil engineering with an international experience of having worked on some world leading engineering solutions.

Priit Ulmas

Senior Data Engineer

He manages the Machine Learning team, evaluates data quality and creates data visualizations. Using his civil engineering experience across the US and Europe and IT background he is able to deliver product insight from both and engineer’s and data scientist’s perspectives.

Markku Palipea

CEO and Co-Founder

He is highly experienced in investment strategies, industrial leadership, lean development and creative growth. His main focus is bringing human user experiences into industrial processes and being the conduit between business needs and technological solutions.

Kevin Soon

Managing Director

He is responsible for building project teams and overseeing delivery of all Neurisium projects. Kevin has over 10 years of experience in the tech industry, having worked with companies in the real estate, aviation, finance and tech sectors.