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Rethinking Supply Chain Management

The Most Expensive Responsibility

Supply chain is the lifeblood of any organisation dealing with goods and services. More than half of companies’ revenue can be spent on Supply Chain, making it crucial for the employees to have the most relevant supplier data at their fingertips. Data analytics and machine learning software are improving the way procurement is done.

Winds of Change in Supply Chain Management

Due to the large responsibility Supply Chain management holds, if done wrong, it could severely damage the organisation. Therefore, to stay competitive it’s important to be on top of the latest trends in Supply Chain solutions.

To Inspire and Help

As a lighthouse, Neurisium is able to guide the companies through new waters. Neurisium has exceptional know-how in all modern IT Technologies and combining it with Business Expertise will bring real value to anyone who wants to step up and gain a competitive edge.

Supply Chain Solutions Offering

Simplifying Goods and Services Management by Data Automation


Autonomous Supply Chain Planning
Creates a sophisticated re-planning logic by bringing together operational and sourcing data from across company functions and using Machine Learning to automate the planning process.

Dynamic Supply Chain Resilience Plan

Creation of a Resilience Model that provides End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility with the ability to set constraint parameters. The Model can provide a vital safety net, enable to predict future growth fulfilment and increase cost efficiency.


360° View : Supply Chain
Supply Chain Data Visualisation gives all around near real-time Visibility including Industry Specific KPIs, analytics and trends. 

360° View : Suppliers
Supplier Data Visualisation, including Supplier Quality Performance KPIs with implementation. Single view allows to see a comprehensive overview.

Dynamic Net Working Capital
Net Working Capital optimises inventory, safety stock and supplier payment terms to improve working capital and free more cash. Analytics engine recommends inventory optimisation plans and most optimal payment term conditions with suppliers.


Supplier Communication Platform  
Including rapid 2-way communication, automated information retrieval. Relationships with suppliers can be managed using Push/Pull or Interactive Communication types depending on the need.

Supplier Contract Management
Automated contract management based on business rules, such as contractual terms and market volatility. Once the rules are inserted AI will make sure that favourable conditions are used at all times. Additionally, rules can be also set for claims management.

Advanced Notification and Alert System
Customised alert system based on Machine Learning, which is capable of learning from human responses.

The Digital Transformation

Bring Supply-Chain Into The New Era

Digitalisation is Key for Leveraging Data in Decision-Making

Automation of specific manufacturing processes has brought along a leap in production efficiency worldwide under the term Industry 3.0.
The focus of Industry 4.0 is to automate decision making by using precise data from the entire production process.

Harness All Data In Your Enterprise

Every step of the production process and every decision taken by the management can and should be measured.
Quite often this data is in analogue form, on paper or in the heads of management, or is only kept within the bounds of a specific manufacturing process. By digitalising the analogue and measuring information from every process step of manufacturing, an overall picture of the enterprise appears.
The actual situation awareness is the key that enables fully digitalised enterprises to achieve superior efficiency to their peers.

Our Approach

An iterative 3-step process


1-2 Months

Proof of Concept - Fasted to Goal

To prove the project can be executed a smaller scope quick win will be agreed on. This will enable users to get fast results before committing fully to a large scale project.


2-8 Months

Fully functional software

Main functionality of the software will be developed and made available to the client for testing.


4-12 Months

Increased scope and ML independence

Development of additional functionality, process automatisation and modifications to the machine learning (ML) algorithms will be added. At the end of this phase the software will be fully functional.

The Team

Our production team are passionate
Tarmo Saidla
Supply Chain Advisor
Tarmo Saidla
Supply Chain Advisor
Tarmo Saidla
Supply Chain Advisor
Joonas Nurk
Head of Digital Transformation
Joonas Nurk
Head of Digital Transformation
Joonas Nurk
Head of Digital Transformation

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