Neurisium: 3 Years of Industrial AI Product Development

September 1, 2020

Neurisium celebrated its third birthday a few weeks ago and it made the team look back on where it all got started, what we’ve learned and everything that’s still to come. As we unfortunately can’t share the cake with everybody, we’re happy to share our story.

Back in 2017 Markku and Marius wanted to tackle one of the most stagnant but highest impact economic sectors there is – manufacturing. They saw enormous potential for smart factory solutions and process optimisation using machine learning. Early on, they agreed that Neurisium would not try to fit a square peg into a round hole by trying to sell a pre packaged solution, but solve customers’ actual business challenges.

The same year, the first machine learning prototype was created for an automotive manufacturer, focusing on the use of machine learning on a new product development process. Successfully delivering the product was not enough. It had become clear that an even bigger benefit could be achieved by rethinking the entire new product development process itself.

In many cases the biggest amount of time or energy within a process was lost in communication, documentation or internal policies. While all the above are much needed, it became clear that once the software is changed, the new product development process needs to change as well. The key is to bring together different stakeholders and to align their goals.

Within two years, Neurisium grew from a small venture into a business, servicing clients around the world. The team explored market potential by doing over 30 prototypes across 8 countries and creating excellent customer relationships along the way with companies like Mercedes Benz, BASF, REHAU, ABB and others.

The commonalities within the solutions that the team was creating became clear – it wasn’t just automation that our clients were after, it was time-to-market and efficiency. This revelation was the spark needed to begin Neurisium’s platform development, that would allow easy collaboration across production chains while being able to add automation or machine learning to the data when needed.

The team’s efforts are now focused on using their experience and technology stack to develop a scalable PaaS solution that could be easily adopted across industry verticals. Although Neurisium has been profitable from day one, stellar growth requires a boost that only fundraising can provide. We are now raising capital to focus more on platform development while working on some projects that revolve around proving the platform’s viability across industries.

The first three years have flown by and we’re glad to have something to show for it but even happier for all that we have to look forward to. Our journey is only beginning so get in contact to find out more.

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